HardenedBSD Tor Onion Service v3 Nodes

I've been working today on deploying Tor Onion Service v3 nodes across our build infrastructure. I'm happy to announce that the public portion of this is now completed. Below you will find various onion service hostnames and their match to our infrastructure.

hardenedbsd.org: lkiw4tmbudbr43hbyhm636sarn73vuow77czzohdbqdpjuq3vdzvenyd.onion
ci-01.nyi.hardenedbsd.org: qspcqclhifj3tcpojsbwoxgwanlo2wakti2ia4wozxjcldkxmw2yj3yd.onion
ci-03.md.hardenedbsd.org: eqvnohly4tjrkpwatdhgptftabpesofirnhz5kq7jzn4zd6ernpvnpqd.onion
ci-04.md.hardenedbsd.org: rfqabq2w65nhdkukeqwf27r7h5xfh53h3uns6n74feeyl7s5fbjxczqd.onion
git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org: dacxzjk3kq5mmepbdd3ai2ifynlzxsnpl2cnkfhridqfywihrfftapid.onion

A GPG-signed version of this post is here: https://groups.google.com/a/hardenedbsd.org/d/msg/users/hmEL0qAE3J8/mLjs...


The Idealistic Future of HardenedBSD

In the last status report, we stood up our own git server. Since then, we've migrated our entire infrastructure to point to our self-hosted git as the source-of-truth repo.

Over the past month, we purchased and deployed the new 13-CURRENT/amd64 package building server. We published our first 13-CURRENT/amd64 production package build using that server. We then rebuilt the old package building server to act as the 12-STABLE/amd64 package building server. This post signifies a very important milestone: we have now fully recovered from last year's death of our infrastructure. Our 12-STABLE/amd64 repo, previously out-of-date by many months, is now fully up-to-date!

We now have four build servers in total:

  1. ci-01.md.hardenedbsd.org: nightly build server for 13-CURRENT/amd64 and 13-CURRENT/arm64.
  2. ci-02.md.hardenedbsd.org: nightly build server for 12-STABLE/amd64.
  3. ci-03.md.hardenedbsd.org: Package building server for 13-CURRENT/amd64.
  4. ci-04.md.hardenedbsd.org: Package building server for 12-STABLE/amd64.

From here, we have two major improvements to make:

  1. Deploy Kerberos + LDAP across our infrastructure. Not only do we have those four servers, but we have others along with a number of jails. Unifying authentication would drastically simplify management.
  2. Set up various Tor Onion Service v3 endpoints for the various parts of our infrastructure. Distribute those Onion Service hostnames to the various stake holders (there will be a notion of public endpoints versus private).

HardenedBSD is in a very unique position to provide innovative solutions to at-risk and underprivileged populations. As such, we are making human rights endeavors a defining area of focus. Our infrastructure will integrate various privacy and anonymity enhancing technologies and techniques to protect lives. Our operating system's security posture will increase, especially with our focus on exploit mitigations.

Navigating the intersection between human rights and information security directly impacts lives. HardenedBSD's 2020 mission and focus is to deliver an entire hardened ecosystem that is unfriendly towards those who would oppress or censor their people. This includes a subtle shift in priorities to match this new mission and focus. While we implement exploit mitigations and further harden the ecosystem, we will seek out opportunities to contribute a tangible and unique impact on human rights issues. Providing Tor Onion Services for our core infrastructure is the first step in likely many to come towards securely helping those in need.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve. Let us welcome 2020 with a rebuilt infrastructure and a renewed purpose!


Happy Holidays From HardenedBSD

We at HardenedBSD would like to wish the community a happy end to 2019 and a joyful beginning to 2020.

Just today, we finished putting all the pieces in places to migrate away from GitHub. HardenedBSD's build infrastructure is now fully self-hosted. We plan to make the repos on GitHub read-only by the end of January.

We will still maintain a presence on GitHub. The repos will still live on at GitHub. However, they will be a read-only mirror of our self-hosted source-of-truth repository at git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org.

Going forward, please file bug reports and pull requests at our Gitea server: https://git-01.md.hardenedbsd.org/

We will likely make a more appealing subdomain (perhaps git.hardenedbsd.org) later. We'll keep everyone updated if/when we do.

We will update our site accordingly soon. Happy holidays and we hope the community enjoys this little end-of-year gift. :-)

December 2019 Infrastructure Status

I thought I'd take a moment to update the community on where we stand on the infrastructure.

Our infrastructure received its first community contribution over the last week with this completed and deployed pull request: https://github.com/HardenedBSD/build/pull/4

Earlier today, I deployed LetsEncrypt on ci-01.nyi.hardenedbsd.org, our primary mirror.

The last piece of the puzzle is to set up rsync once again such that our mirrors can re-enable syncing with us. I'll probably tackle this in January of 2020, taking a small break from this little bit, especially during the holidays.

If you love infrastructure work and want to contribute, take a look at these open issues: https://github.com/HardenedBSD/build/issues

As always, if you have an itch to scratch, don't wait for me to feel the same itch. Submit a patch to proactively help me scratch your itch. :)

My next major focus will be on package builds.

HardenedBSD Status Report

We at HardenedBSD have a lot of news to share. On 05 Nov 2019, Oliver Pinter resigned amicably from the project. All of us at HardenedBSD owe Oliver our gratitude and appreciation. This humble project, named by Oliver, was born out of his thesis work and the collaboration with Shawn Webb. Oliver created the HardenedBSD repo on GitHub in April 2013. The HardenedBSD Foundation was formed five years later to carry on this great work.

As I rebuild the HardenedBSD build infrastructure, I will be performing the following user-facing changes:

1. The hardenedBSD-STABLE.git repo will be archived off. HardenedBSD will still utilize the hardenedBSD-Playground.git repo for collaboration with third parties and extremely experimental code.
2. We are slowly transitioning to being fully self-hosted. It is my goal to complete the transition on or before 31 Dec 2019. This means we will stop using GitHub altogether.
3. Downgrading 11-STABLE to community support. Given all that's on my plate, I can only maintain 13-CURRENT and 12-STABLE right now. Therefore, if the community wants 11-STABLE support, the community will need to provide it.
4. git commits performed by our infrastructure will be signed by our dev key. Think: our auto-sync scripts that run every six hours.

Now for random bits of other news:

I am currently working on getting the sync scripts running on the new infrastructure. I'm not too far off, but it will likely take around another week to re-enable the auto-sync.

Our amd64 package builder is experiencing stability issues. Due to some upstream network changes, some packages are failing to sync. Our package repos for 13-CURRENT and 12-STABLE are woefully out-of-date. I'm actively working on this as time permits. I have no ETA for updated repos.

Ben La Monica from The HardenedBSD Foundation is looking into LDAP/Kerberos integration for our infrastructure. We're looking to unify everything in order to enable finer-grained control of our infrastructure along with easier centralized management.

The new build scripts are coming along very nicely. One last change I need to make is to skip the build if no commit happened between the last build and the freshly started one. With commit https://github.com/HardenedBSD/build/commit/7aa3f2f3617db85727ac679ddc62..., the build scripts now track the revision of the source tree. This can be used to check whether there have been any updates since the last successful build.

By the end of November, I hope to turn the build scripts into a port/package. It is my goal to be able to `pkg install` our entire infrastructure.

Given the complete rebuild of our infrastructure, we will no longer use the domain installer.hardenedbsd.org. Our primary mirror is now ci-01.nyi.hardenedbsd.org. I will update our website to reflect the changes.

To our mirror operators: due to the complete rebuild of our infrastructure, I have not yet re-enabled rsync on our primary mirror. I will be taking a different approach to authentication than before. I will provide example steps to convert your existing configuration to the new one.

I'm excruciatingly behind with the administrative side of HardenedBSD. If you have donated and I have not reached out to you, please forgive my tardiness. Know that you're not forgotten and I will get to you soon. HardenedBSD, and especially me, appreciate every contribution, no matter the form it comes in (code, money, advocacy, etc.)

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. I know this downtime has been extensive. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to serve the community in my spare time. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve you.

Stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 12-STABLE v1200059.3

HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.3 - https://github.com/HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-stable/releases/tag/HardenedB...


  • MFC r350645: Correct ICMPv6/MLDv2 out-of-bounds memory access (6d7f541fdbb75dd9cc790d444ff37e07c5fdeb3e) [CVE-2019-5608 FreeBSD-SA-19:19.mldv2]
  • MFC r350635: bsnmp: add asn1 message length validation (be804d75b90865776e2d1174d40b6286a0679b950 [CVE-2019-5610 FreeBSD-SA-19:20.bsnmp]
  • MFC 350618: Validate guest-supplied length of headers for TSO transmit requests. (34ae5e48301f4335eab70b8f038cc06466f8c5d5) [CVE-2019-5609 FreeBSD-SA-19:21.bhyve]
  • MFC of 349589, 350070, 350071, 350096, and 350187: Make filesystem-full messages limited per filesystem rather than systemwide; Add "untrusted" option to mount command (7b0bf49d917630384de9b314ec18d4cd34aa8ec3)
  • MFC r350362 r367068: stack protector fixes for LLVM generated codes (ad1889b30609a8069c5c53365124ad27a6ddf907) [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate]
  • HBSD: set LC_COLLATE to C by default (1ec32fd40173ccc1ed7a3d32fef6839d382a76f4)
  • MFC r350310: Fix the turnstile_lock() KPI. (5a909d99e63dfd80e01cf83d49a5f1542492ba3f) [FreeBSD-EN-19:14.epoch FreeBSD-SA-Candidate]

Installer images:


SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.3-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 5557676ae6108964f2da47d28803da1912fd70cfa0a9d388e066f78a0e9bad58f7c5a2abad247116f11c7f399f79de2f74bc60c89823c14d6a9ddc8a3597d338
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.3-amd64-disc1.iso) = d49899b7f8b9922da3212c937e1b9ddd29c127002b6c257209694d24b0bc58758c8c785b906bdfe45c3fb8071f3d3bd127ace6d06a4eed3ddc15e3796eb669af
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.3-amd64-memstick.img) = abb3d156c423a55c23070b01a64f705eed33dc833fe56090c00cb6de69d63be2d880f3a4350ae860eaeb5e0b25eb02cddadb154c6d3b31d489f4ab28e8322da0
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.3-amd64-mini-memstick.img) = 1d812808356714e0df7048740e7d7d1e7b6b62de0fb5e0551bbb8e950a40a8f9f241b3c14d26fc9269bb1d00febe027ad65b7f6e60cb3c171d616c965e27e2f7




Stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 12-STABLE v1200059.2

HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.2 - https://github.com/HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-stable/releases/tag/HardenedB...


  • MFC r349800,r349801: Fix misc fs fuzzing issues. (abeb80bc5ee82a9a96da492c241fcbe91ad3e22b) [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate]
  • MFC r349802 (from fsu@): Add additional check for 'blocks per group' and 'fragments per group' superblock fields. (fcbcaebd25f0e43b12eb6b7b8302730153258350) [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate]
  • MFC r347695, r347696, r347697, r347957, r349326: Lockless delayed invalidation for amd64 pmap. (388f0c181108947d84d1233cc47b24024bd410e7)
  • MFC r349880: Let linuxulator mprotect mask unsupported bits before calling kern_mprotect. (bc326df65733684bc27deb22858a39981dd6b854)
  • MFC r350260: mqueuefs: fix struct file leak (bcc86242833757585d3c8b9663d8e9c55f8ed3ff) [FreeBSD-SA-19:15.mqueuefs CVE-2019-5603]
  • MFC r350244: bhyve: correct out-of-bounds read in XHCI device emulation (04ce7e77c7a5db5aed779d54632b9b19ed0ba9b0) [FreeBSD-SA-19:16.bhyve CVE-2019-5604]
  • MFC r350156: Fix leak of memory and file refs with sendmsg(2) over unix domain sockets. (19e53c56013af9f42f2e6177da6c6451c44156a4) [FreeBSD-SA-19:17.fd CVE-2019-5607]
  • nand: create device with 0640 permission (88f580f1ce2c81ab9c16df41fc9edf987cf5e792)
  • MFC r349890: telnet: fix a couple of snprintf() buffer overflows (7e735c9feedada921a291c023836b26b6547d032) [FreeBSD-SA-19:12.telnet CVE-2019-0053]
  • MFC r349733: Defer funsetown() calls for a TTY to tty_rel_free(). (4c06d4c0cc403122e743fc35e2f5fdefedb562b1) [FreeBSD-SA-19:13.pts CVE-2019-5606]
  • MFC r349834 Ignore kern.vt.splash_cpu without graphics (b9fd7203ae04df3457cd5c4aca370de6b4ba3646)
  • MFC r349581 netmap: fix two panics with emulated adapter (2672ab35fd1ea58da0a7dcad23925d977425ac1e)
  • MFC r349913: Ensure that mds_handler always points to a valid method. (c411b3266a9f97903667e7ab70fcb1a4a26f977a) [FreeBSD-EN-19:13.mds]
  • MFC r349876: Apply a workaround to be able to build clang 8.0.0 headers with clang 3.4.1, which is still in the stable/10 branch. (4453d146f0d636f8108822c3ef898c73adfdea46)
  • MFC 347238: vmm(4): Pass through RDSEED feature bit to guests (e64222ca6e6aac4bbba4e56ccfb6b136c71ec5d6)
  • MFC 339911,339936,343075,343166,348592: Various AMD CPU-specific fixes. (2c0a81ad596517f49c5069ce32d1ec6754dc0e4a)
  • MFC r349753 netmap: Remove pointer leakage in netmap_mem2.c (b158d710d859111d1370c945ac79f250750cffeb)
  • MFC r349527,349538: Sync libarchive with vendor. (2767b0a23c9249e482b7c9681cac0cce5d832bf0) [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate]
  • cxgbe updates
  • libbe updates
  • bhyve updates
  • LLVM and Clang updates

Installer images:


SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.2-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 825d5f5ac4aae2e7146984d4f267dbb235b72ec4d87037227a44474172d1665976c8cd21a58c2fd5b661a799aee861f3c7e99e25c5a13851fbff76ff9925e1ec
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.2-amd64-disc1.iso) = 517554a50ae942a5689b063188fd2b15fcadd3cf6cd890953072d1e949936a5134fcaee57fbcdac3a2b7f095f90957e9bc62e6962f1e5087218231758c54000f
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.2-amd64-memstick.img) = 6dc3d2b2ffb7d74798b24c5d56cdeea0bad48630a26c5c69ed94f95d9a0e622486d81a44d6fd6823e4944c9b957da2c122f4c741229ded2120200e765213adf9
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.2-amd64-mini-memstick.img) = 1e7c2e6c64d0fcb6687e15fb8f6efe313891a69532f806f8bb1dee333a1b07b8de0d217532c2be41d9459c7b7148efaec469ccf3993385396721c7b4756ee947




Stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 12-STABLE v1200059.1

HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.1 - https://github.com/HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-stable/releases/tag/HardenedB...


  • MFC: r348590, r348591 Modify mountd so that it incrementally updates the kernel exports upon a reload. (8fc34de4348e10c2fe3caa879207e8f680869353)
  • MFC r349098: Add macOS-like three finger drag trackpad gesture to psm(4) (59d69e81f89ec2bf540bd541ca70b98ebed5d56f)
  • MFC r349505: Upgrade to Bzip2 version 1.0.7. (1ab7a3c679d7799521e36a9c39b4a2b80fd38c6b) [CVE-2016-3189 CVE-2019-12900]
  • MFC r349320, r349324: coredump: avoid writing to core files not owned by the effective user. (a6fa17ec3d64e79811898fc7583e84f3f395a918)
  • MFC r349268: nandsim: correct test to avoid out-of-bounds access (331c7e44e797346bb0dfc378df9e0e5817d95f22) [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate]
  • MFC r349627: Remove the CDIOCREADSUBCHANNEL_SYSSPACE ioctl. (38642b530610dedbc0ad196142084e1ca430f7c0) [FreeBSD-SA-19:11.cd_ioctl CVE-2019-5602]
  • MFC r349619: libc: correct iconv buffer overflow (cb54f676c0944a9d5fdcd51694a7b2c22b7a2e56) [FreeBSD-SA-19:09.iconv CVE-2019-5600)
  • MFC r349592: Import tzdata 2019b (13738a6816f88c46ee5bd68fad8fa28190bafb63)
  • MFC r346455-r346458, r348520, r348529, r348817, r348818 psm driver update (da6caf7e1c0ec69c62f78a9d35daaf98537fa3cf)
  • MFC r348993,349135: Sync libarchive with vendor including security fixes (1859a7c1c120cf5f715a3ed1ba33d4803545fc39)
  • MFC r348802: Remove lazy FPU switch support from amd64. (6fc5e4fc0f3d8e3dc5a20afeefcb4b91a14e1b7c)
  • MFC r348764: Allow UMA hash tables to expand faster then 2x in 20 seconds. (2a2c9badd703299881fa77922e15fe59a2c4a10f)
  • MFC r349192: Add the ability to limit how much the code will fragment the RACK send map in response to SACKs. (92a5c7e46d2dd9da06acaada6e80f09025178556) [FreeBSD-SA-19:08.rack CVE-2019-5599]
  • MFC r347949, r347955: Implement the M_NEXTFIT allocation strategy for vmem(9). (fc11b182567b0181381f92b138c27e643b6bb372)
  • MFC r348742: Fix a race between fasttrap and the user breakpoint handler. (932a7c43f8c578b2f7ce11159255f7821a7fd262)
  • MFC r348539: amd64 ef_rt_arch_call: Preserve %rflags around call into EFI RT service. (16f0086b6fe2ab6a7d01baa506bafc3d1e31eba4)
  • MFC r348235: Add `missing` and `or-flush` options to "ipfw table create" command to simplify firewall reloading. (07cb67bb29cc94ecde0224398ccef951224299c5)
  • MFC r348065: Correct the way remaining battery life is calculated (e520b68ee6de2278be76b743e809b021976e768f)
  • MFC r348059: vt efifb: add suspend/resume calls (52c1462530025659fbbc14e6b27dfdcaac5779ba)
  • AHCI and CAM updates
  • RISC-V updates
  • ZFS updates
  • bhyve updates
  • cuse updates
  • cxgbe updates
  • dhclient updates
  • epoch updates
  • iflib updates
  • mountd updates
  • CVE-2019-5601 for UFS is already fixed in our previous release, but you may need to do additional steps, for more information please see FreeBSD's SA: https://www.freebsd.org/security/advisories/FreeBSD-SA-19:10.ufs.asc

Installer images:


SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.1-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 18319be6e915849a48765235fd57008e6e93f232cfda46b3d0947d7088222e138f7c3d94c26d721987ee0029070d7b37fef7e5eec356d7e7c2d17e738cf24be3
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.1-amd64-disc1.iso) = 45285fb7c1e63e3e22bd56722f3f8a98c982d8543dddea02cd3cd763e9a0f0672e09810bb5e4e2180db3c6cae79947a6540f05ec0f15133a120535d33da8d477
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.1-amd64-memstick.img) = a0d5aa1afda605ecf8b2165dddac8e42ae01e6a240ac1218c1aede175e0022aee72c7e2ea516654d3205e2d72a64fdef886313246abfc2d4245e1347230ad1ca
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059.1-amd64-mini-memstick.img) = a21a72e40d8ed986c28631189bbfa326d87a597b906ba786e378d4f254d352d189fa2eda91a29e0e72d3d23ee1c178e83604b01b773d95708c9130b24e77e056




Stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 12-STABLE v1200059

HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059 - https://github.com/HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-stable/releases/tag/HardenedB...


  • MFC r348167, r348168, r348359, r348361: Add posixshmcontrol(1) utility. (a6d485ce245aa9798f9e402c446010f26ab974ba)
  • MFC 347033: Increase the VirtIO segment count to support modern Windows guests. (8fb552d38dcee4f17df31d13ac823568a76c5988)
  • MFC r348052: NDFREE(): Fix unlocking for LOCKPARENT|LOCKLEAF and ndp->ni_dvp == ndp->ni_vp. (7b981e827b29bdf244f703e789cb02e6a37729b9)
  • MFC: r348340 Merge OpenSSL 1.1.1c. (c7f23c34d5a527b166b59c18affdf950c00f454e) [CVE-2019-1543]
  • MFC r346630: Add GRE-in-UDP encapsulation support as defined in RFC8086. (fdaf572e031362aef90f3c22f9b9047d11e9d545)
  • MFC 346649: Don't panic for empty CCM requests. (71cf38a72587fcb47855679e4d7cb03d0bae610c) [FreeBSD-SA-candidate]
  • MFC: r347960: bhyve virtio needs barriers (7532fd50c7e8c7f5ccd2f115a4dc4c4cf5ea0f62)
  • MFC r347698: amd64 pmap: sysctl vm.pmap.pcid_save_cnt should be read-only. (330c65332bc1b5aabee212304b2a35ba45542650)
  • MFC r347216: amd64: fix BUS_SPACE_MAXSIZE to 64bit max value. (489fe9b7411487422c33302cdbe2eb48b8bd6b90)
  • MFC r347570: Specify -z notext when building with -z ifunc-noplt. (3d54d872091ac7fec0390e283884a4a685a4a301)
  • MFC r343985, r344133, r345273 (by bde): Prevent overflow for usertime/systime in caclru1(). (6fc6ab1b7187c5fb8fa31d10c8822f4603768ba5)
  • MFC r346647: [acpi_ibm] Add support for newer Thinkpad models (28e53eb78bba63e7cd921faf4898378824a8d8d4)
  • MFC r347368: x86: Put other CPUs into tight loop when updating Intel microcode from loaded OS. (743eb89b18e3724d8e168b6f6eda45a5c018c78a)
  • MFC r347566: Mitigations for Microarchitectural Data Sampling. (912787467fb48024d8780b3531318feeff1bbbdd) [FreeBSD-SA-19:07.mds CVE-2018-12126 CVE-2018-12127 CVE-2018-12130 CVE-2019-11091]
  • MFC r347133: arm64: Properly restore PAN when done with userspace access in casueword. (e939702ff316aafb6dc3a5e37ffed3a7ef29d536)
  • MFC of 347064, 347066, and 347130 Avoid leaking kernel stack when creating directory names. (0775f68d9024850d97a2384d89aff0916617996b) [FreeBSD-SA-candidate]
  • MFC r346594: Add ATA power mode support to camcontrol (fb397ee57c8c08365ddea8b35e1ae619d1674dab)
  • MFC r346602, r346670-r346671, r347183: tun/tap race fixes (e42a63a0bac36aaf468f1ab6042f3f3b208087c5)
  • HBSD: Add userland plumbing for SpectreV1 mitigation (0eda8358d017fdfa6cf841e0a5918e8674712042)
  • MFC r347139: MFV r347136: Update sqlite3-3.27.2 (3270200) --> sqlite3-3.28.0 (3280000) (937edc9caae05881949f1d5adec523a8943c49ae) [CVE-2019-9937 CVE-2019-9936]
  • MFC r346990: Fix another race between vm_map_protect() and vm_map_wire(). (b306eea91bcace5bd60b1c25f1a5b625a2226d1b)
  • MFC r345576: Merge r345574 from vendor-crypto: upstream: when checking that filenames sent by the server side - ssh (4594eb5f8ed47dff8bdb1e555bdc26ec8448f454)
  • Zero out the file directory entry metadata to reduce disk scavenging disclosure. (f9cd4e1d3edf4a05a109839fc4338b9e7a6b5a8e) [FreeBSD-SA-candidate]
  • HBSD MFC: This update eliminates a kernel stack disclosure bug in UFS/FFS directory entries (81b3a31ed35e05be964abad7374080e8b010a780)
  • MFC r345525: Fix a double free of an SCTP association in an error path. (4350926df0301958d0879d93b510e0c8eeb08799) [FreeBSD-SA-candidate]
  • MFC r345461: Limit the size of messages sent on 1-to-many style SCTP sockets with the SCTP_SENDALL flag. (b1fb067d0a1dcab555fb5859f174e218c9ccab0b)
  • MFC r345797: Add IPv6 transport for bsnmp. (ceaff709e86a05afb78e8ef0e13ca3dd93c89918)
  • MFC r341759, r341796, r341839, r341989, r346591: The following five MFCs update wpa 2.6 --> 2.8. (7494a812d27d369b1105029fceca079471d684f6) [FreeBSD-SA-candidate CVE-2019-9494 VU#871675 CVE-2019-9495 CVE-2019-9496 CVE-2019-9497 CVE-2019-9498 CVE-2019-9499]
  • MFC r345830: Create kernel module to parse Veriexec manifest based on envs (d4e7b8af8c3f2f5c222ab5fa49a6fccebec367b0)
  • MFC r345438,r345842,r346259,r346261: TPM as possible entropy source (12443d58f92f94d7e28f728696d4d189059e99e0)
  • MFC r342084,r342251,r342271,r342285: Introduce TPM2.0 driver (f036b474dc4bec6645039497beabcd97fe2b83c0)
  • MFC r344840: Extend libsecureboot(old libve) to obtain trusted certificates from UEFI and implement revocation (d0a2db0d1fb36f25c570e27238a6e0d76fb42d4b)
  • MFC r345966, r345968: Implement devctl(8) command 'reset', using DEV_RESET /dev/devctl2 ioctl. (3992f8af9955f7de08d08dfe02da8d4ac5cebf3d)
  • After r346168, also merge build infrastructure for LLVM libomp. (3f18402bc61b71a85aac995ef1a77454ea453939)
  • MFC r345425, r345514, r345799, r345800, r345803, r346157: Enable tmpfs rw->ro remounts. (98f1fb40da548d1278689d4c7bfc1e304da2510f)
  • MFC r345293: Update NAT64LSN implementation (cab22fce3d77d127c205601140c959bd8ab2e8af)
  • Revert r344898 (by kib), now that clang 8 has been merged (61688088d29805ea68449a8c443b4be2e8adaa4d)
  • Merge llvm, clang, compiler-rt, libc++, libunwind, lld, lldb and openmp 8.0.0 final release r356365. (37e0a32cb919afa1ddf726ad5244dc0bd8524583)
  • Add support for loader veriexec (69d2666cee810da18c8bad94615027fa8e28e612)
  • MFC r343065, r343373-r343390, r343477 if_iwm driver update (f370d6a9bd8a354e9a3d03992cf3c843e108a24f)
  • MFC r344569, r344618, r344621 r344569: Implement parallel mounting for ZFS filesystem (b0578f749217f485405d4aecaf7587caf9a2e89c)
  • MFC r344502: sh: Add set -o pipefail (038c4614d0217200688309779c9fb408b4e4b015)
  • NFS updates
  • ZFS updates
  • bhyve updates
  • big LinuxKPI updates to catch up Linux v5.0 KPI
  • cxgbe updates
  • elftoolchain updates
  • iflib updates
  • libarchive updates
  • libbe updates
  • llvm updates
  • loader updates
  • lot of SCTP related bugfixes found by syzkaller
  • mlx5 driver updates
  • nvme updates
  • secureboot related updates

Installer images:


SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059-amd64-bootonly.iso) = afe98861bf4313eb7dd248feb064cde5bda02ad5a4cfdf2d7dae5fe8f33a69b7782c0462113de940b2a81c6aa2fbf4ad9d7f44b27fc62414a6a79e533bea3204
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059-amd64-disc1.iso) = e4601a89d7d6633a7ee7c6642fc073e7660dd4d86c73f6901c6dfb6cc8315c2b907838ebb4506a78c9f12b34d3b77215ba8846e79fcb4be1acbf0af13a3ce79a
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059-amd64-memstick.img) = a998f3eef40d3c508624e7c824aaa5741a058670646895987e056d2754e43466e24e3b4d05f499c6dace965a75e96a981db23d1f0a18125b6683e2749a603cf1
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200059-amd64-mini-memstick.img) = 38885d8a5b1ced86863ac0891a1e93901f5dd0f0ee35ffccd28b4764e20fc899950279a7a623f901fb1627f87dccf00108f4a4b4c3e9b208dcbd1a7e2e2a592c




Stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 12-STABLE v1200058.4

HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200058.4 - https://github.com/HardenedBSD/hardenedBSD-stable/releases/tag/HardenedB...


  • MFC r345078: hwpmc/core: Adopt to upcoming Skylake TSX errata. (4252e660ecb50dfdae262be111061aa85fcb5864)
  • MFC: r344757: Fix double free in case of mount error. (6b0855e01b577ab90fb58fca2fbcd7139e7dc527)
  • MFC: r344754: Do not panic if inode bitmap is corrupted. (d58ea7668a31fbc14f05ba8975a87c1dc5cdb194)
  • MFC: r344755: Fix integer overflow possibility. (66bedc8f13366ff9df84786d1e1e8a864800918f)
  • MFC r344670: Allow FIONBIO and FIOASYNC ioctls on POSIX shm descriptors. (aaa017b23b47f1cb67b49eb8d4939d2aab9159df)
  • MFC r344562: FFS: allow sendfile(2) to work with block sizes greater than the page size (a32149b5deac882f31f0aa448f8ed69244af8a20)
  • HBSD: Revert "MFC r343964, r344121, r344128, r344593, r344594:" Revert of FreeBSD's ASR implementation. (9729cbe04506cba471aaa5a4c25f712ddf4f75a7)
  • MFC r344140,r344141,r344142,r344143,r344388,r344547: Add CBC-MAC authentication. Add AES-CCM encryption, and plumb into OCF. (9b2dd6cb463ad737942a99e34af81c65dfb4d14b)
  • HBSD: same shit like with librt, move libexecinfo's so to /lib (4403befcd40c2c573e428c6b2452cefcb5679ceb)
  • MFC r344494,r344495: evdev: export event device properties through sysctl interface (dd53f13958e1e1306f3cecffbf0af504f5dddf68)
  • Disable WITH_RETPOLINE on stable/12. (4e79588d3043e5f24f223c5a42a662b79d870abc)
  • MFC r344449: scp: validate filenames provided by server against wildcard (531e90823d82662c5e008c9c04fa24a532e7eb48)
  • MFC r344883: nptd 4.2.8p12 --> 4.2.8p13 [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate CVE-2019-8936]
  • MFC r344063,r344088: Sync libarchive with vendor. [FreeBSD-SA-Candidate CVE-2019-1000019 CVE-2019-1000020]
  • MFC: r344602 Merge OpenSSL 1.1.1b. (bd8357d913b260cf55f0818d30ff889d62a702ea)
  • HBSD: Disable cfi-icall for usr.sbin/ppp (c9056e1d8c17af42a6fa933fb1e544b1705ba72f)
  • Merge clang 7.0.1 and several follow-up changes (a39fc2a725d1f743ccd878ef7264dcba56f674de)
  • MFC r343850: contigmalloc: handle M_EXEC. (bcfd287a0368013fdeaec7291890deb4aa10bfd1)
  • ZFS updates
  • ipfw updates
  • pf updates
  • ipfilter cleanups
  • em, igbe updates
  • net80211 updates
  • iflib updates

Installer images:


SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200058.4-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 0afcc9d2351f50c9dccb6c79ba2da2ea6d81d7729f0f8109061b053a51c5c0b929801c4c5affd603c802ea777d7293477232ca1db5c741556554ab3dbe6049ac
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200058.4-amd64-disc1.iso) = 79a4255012da260ecd239d941825e5ace4373b25ad112dc0eb36377554ab64a874bf08092e3e258e2cd394a227eab7355909e4b166f61974419145351a44293e
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200058.4-amd64-memstick.img) = 4f1aa178fc6ff3b38cfc55aaa5a668ef0b92a05afcfcf237a96483e70a8f67869f606e60de5f03a07ef15df004be23ec92225ba69fbc3070231943bddcba9738
SHA512 (HardenedBSD-12-STABLE-v1200058.4-amd64-mini-memstick.img) = efea297d2ae2580b3a95021be6e5c8e24bfb8e700fc5e3924bdb863f80537da604b0162e4b4fc2d8054de3d8f17f32f0cb0f91f4c273e66ce3e26ccfff54b783





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