EuroBSDCon and ARM

EuroBSDCon was a resounding success! Many great presentations were delivered that discussed security and gave the HardenedBSD developers ideas for features to implement. I met a few awesome people for the first time, including Ed Maste and Ilya Bakulin. Ilya Bakulin is a developer who took great interest in our ASLR work. He knows ARM pretty well and took a look at the bug that we were experiencing on ARM in regards to ASLR. Within a few hours, he had a working, stable, production-ready patch for us to merge into the HardenedBSD tree that fully fixes ARM. I'm proud to announce that our ASLR implementation, thanks to Ilya Bakulin, now works completely on ARM! The upstream patch that is being reviewed by the FreeBSD development team has been updated to include the ARM bug fix. The new patch has been uploaded to this blog post.

Thank you Ilya Bakulin!